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Demonologists "Graveyard Ejaculations"

Jesse Gallamore "Sheriff On Diamonds"

Murder Construct "The Next Life"

Aesthetic Perfection "Big Bad Wolf"

Cattle Decapitation "Your Disposal"

Aesthetic Perfection "Antibody"

The Dillinger Escape Plan "One of Us Is the Killer"

The Dillinger Escape Plan "When I Lost My Bet"

Tori "Charlie"

Kata "Autumnal Reverie"

Murder Construct "Red All Over"

The Locust "Spitting In The Faces of Fools As A Source of Nutrition"

Hot Nerds "Das Four Eyes Kult"

Report "Lab Rats/Death The Whore"

Ese & Zain "Modest House"

Aesthetic Perfection "A Nice Place To Visit"

Aesthetic Perfection "All Beauty Destroyed"

Vegamoore (Featuring Snapcrack) "Rapture"

All Leather "We Eat Gauche Caviar"

Retox "A Bastard On Father's Day"

Stationary Odyssey "Rib Letters"

Deliver Us From Evil "Only Ashes Remain"

Eric Vain "You've Been Reckoned"

Watch: We Are Hex "Tongues"  January 10, 2014

# 1 Most Controversial video  January 10, 2014


Mitch Massie is a one-man-band production house. Writing, shooting, editing, lighting, set design/construction, special effects, etc. "A Mitch Massie Production" is just a polite way of summating all of these things. He is an autodidact ("self-taught"). To know his work is to know him, imbalanced and all over the board.

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